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Just some pointers. Dr. Daniel MacArthur has put up a guest post where I outline my own experience with personal genomics. Cool times that we live in. Also, Zack Ajmal has started posting higher K’s of HAP participants. He’s now in the second batch. My parents will be in the third. Lots of Tamils and Punjabis. The Khan’s are the only Bengalis so far. One individual to represent all of Uttar Pradesh. Here’s a list of participants so far.

Finally, I know 3-D visualization is bad form, but I went for it anyway. Below is a cube which shows the positions of Gujaratis, Chinese, Mexican Americans, and Utah whites and Tuscans from the HapMap, along with a few extra samples from friends and family. Can you tell where my parents are?

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  1. Just got linked to your guest GU article via Wired’s on CEOnomics.

    Good stuff, glad to see you’re keeping up with personal genomics.

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