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The Fertility J-Curve

Via the Demography Matters blog, Russian birthrate seems to have recovered: By 2009, the official TFR had risen to 1.537, 1.417 in urban areas and 1.900 in rural areas. Both urban and rural TFRs rose by about the same amount from 2000 to 2009, about 0.330. Vital statistics for 2010 were just released by the […]

George Price, Group Selection, and Altruism

This concludes a series of posts on the work of George Price. For the most recent one, with links to the others, see here*. This final post covers the subject of group selection. Price and Group Selection The application of Price’s Equation to group selection, and the related problem of biological altruism, is largely responsible […]

The heritability debate, again

Like the level of selection debate, the debate about what heritability means has a life of its own. The latest shot comes from Scott Barry Kaufman who argues (among other things) that: The heritability of a trait can vary from 0.00 to 1.00, depending on the environments from which research participants are sampled. Because we […]