10 years of Gene Expression

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Just thought I would mention that a few days ago the weblog Gene Expression has been around for 10 years. I won’t say much more at this point because of time constraints. But I wanted to enter it into the record, as well as admitting two minor points. I often used to say in the early days that my foray into blogging was rather a coincidence. I was playing around with the JSP/Servlet platform and wrote up a primitive blog software which I decided to test with my own weblog…and somehow one thing led to another. But I’m 99% sure now that at some point I would have started a weblog, and soon in relation to 2002. Second, of late I notice that Gawker is occasionally mentioned in the media as the locus for various politically correct outrages. If you had asked me 10 years ago that Gawker would be such a banal and conventional website I would have been surprised. The founding editor of Gawker was an occasional contributor to the first incarnation of GNXP in 2002. People tend to idealize the early blogosphere too much, there was a lot of stupid Iraq warblogging going on (I was part of it to some extent), but there definitely was some amalgamation of heterodoxy. Today the blogosphere reflects the mainstream media by and large.


  1. Congratulations. “The founding editor of Gawker was an occasional contributor to the first incarnation of GNXP in 2002.” Interesting – I never knew that.

  2. Congratulations Razib!

  3. What happened to GC, anyway? Such a complete voluntary retirement seems odd.

    And congratulations and thank yous on 10 years of the blog that has probably taught me the most

  4. Congratulations, again–one of the finest blogs there are.

  5. I agree with Sideways. WHAT happened to GC? I will acknowledge that it was through his blog that I later came to GNXP.

  6. guys, he’s doing quite fine indeed. he’s not retired in any way, though from the blog he is.

  7. I enjoyed every read.

  8. Congrats, Razib!

  9. Congrats

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