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GNXP status update

This blog has been inactive for a while. I’ve got the domain, and perhaps one day there will be regular contributors. The internet has changed a lot since we started GNXP in June of 2002, so I don’t know. * This domain has almost all the archives on gnxp.com, including many comments, going back to […]

10 years of Gene Expression

Just thought I would mention that a few days ago the weblog Gene Expression has been around for 10 years. I won’t say much more at this point because of time constraints. But I wanted to enter it into the record, as well as admitting two minor points. I often used to say in the […]

Notes on the future

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed some changes. Since I moved to Discover blogs I’ve been posting less and less here. Additionally, I’ve been putting some of my shorter less science oriented stuff at Brown Pundits and Secular Right. And I suspect twitter has cannibalized some of the link aggregation function of […]