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On causes and religion

  • If you are interested in the intellectual contents of Nazism I urge you to go posthaste to your nearest library and pick up a copy of Hitler's Table Talk, wherein you will find Mr. Hitler dissing Christianity, and in specific the Christian humanist tradition, on an uncannily regular basis. 
    The accuracy of the content in Hitler's Table Talk is disputed. It should also be noted that Hitlers views aren't the be all and end all of Nazism. Nazi intellectuals had varying views on issues related to religion, spiritualism, mysticism, occultism, etc. Some were very pro-Christian while others were very anti-Christian.
  • What predicts Creationism?

  • By the way, almost nobody in the US really votes based on creationism, and no national candidate has ever even talked about it. 
    -John McCain has voiced support for teaching Intelligent Design in school.  
    -Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she supports the ToE. 
    -Barack Obama supports evolution as well.
  • Count me unsurprised that religious belief had the strongest correlation in the United States. Interesting how it doesn't matter as much in Europe, especially if you look at the strongest evolution accepting nation, Iceland. 82% of the population belongs to the National Church and only some 2.6% do not consider themselves part of any religious group, yet disbelief in evolution is completely marginal. 
    I'm guessing that the state-churches of Europe do a good job at keeping the uneducated twits out of the priesthood, while within the United States secular legal tradition any idiot could start a church and wouldn't be forced to compete with a state-funded institution.
  • Mass conversions from Islam to Christianity?

  • The article 
    The baptism of Allam also comes in the midst of papal “dialogue” with Muslims. The dialogue began unpromisingly with the catcalls from Islam and its secularist allies which greeted the now-famous September 20, 2006, papal address at the University of Regensburg. 
    According to the hyperlinked FrontPageMag article, these plural secular allies entirely consist of an un-named New York Times editorialist whose religious affiliation, commitment and views is not expanded on at all. 
    Who invented this fantasy of godless heathens teaming up with fundamentalist Islamists to beat up on the Christians? Being an occasional reader of non-religious discussion boards, the general impression I get is that the only religion they are more hostile to than Christianity is Islam. They may primarily fixate on Christianity, but that is only the result of most members living within Christian nations and as a result having to interact with Christians on a daily basis.
  • Virus problems with gnxp?

  • I wrote the aforementioned email to Razib. So, how is it that standard default settings for authentication certificates got labeled as a trojan created by Israeli hackers?
  • Time for a Ben Stein thread

  • The Expelled website gives a pretty good idea of what direction this "documentary" is going to go in. They are claiming that Intelligent Design supporters are being persecuted, however their examples are disputable.  
    They have physics professor Guillermo Gonzales, who claimed he was denied tenure because of his support for Intelligent Design. But I would also say that having gotten no major grants, having not published a significant amount of peer-reviewed research and only having had one graduate student finish a dissertation during his entire seven year of employment at Iowa State University may have also played a roll in the universities refusal. 
    Then there is Richard Sternberg, who was the editor of Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. He published an article advocating Intelligent Design that didn't go through the proper peer-review process. 
    And finally there is Caroline Crocker, a molecular biologist who who was released from her position at George Mason University after her contract expired. Not surprising since she propagated numerous falsehoods such as the false distinction between micro and macro-evolution, the myth that Bernard Kettlewell's peppered moth study was fraudulent and misrepresenting the Miller-Urey experiment.
  • Myanmar/Burma links

  • Google Video has a number of documentaries on the situation in Burma. You won't get much on the current protests, but there is a lot of information on the history, the pro-democracy movement and human rights.
  • GNXP survey

  • I don't get the libertarian sympathies of this blogs contributers and audience. Isn't most of the research in regards to genetics, biology, anthropology, etc. highly dependent on government funding?
  • Math Test

  • They are all readable for me.
  • Incarceration Nation

  • The head of that UFO cult, Raelianism had the idea of a democratic system which only counted the voted of those that scored well on IQ tests. He called a Geniocracy. The concept strikes me as naive.
  • Steve Jones Article

  • Steve Sailer 
    Steve Jones? I didn't know Jonesy, the old Sex Pistols guitarist turned LA DJ, was into all that genetics stuff. Oh, well, I guess somebody named "Steve" just can't resist. 
    If Greg Graffin of Bad Religion can become an evolutionary paleontologist, I don't see why Steve Jones couldn't become a geneticist. 
    It's a fairly common name so a lot of famous people share it.
  • Lenin vs. God

  • Slobodan Milosevic never disavowed his atheism, but during the late 1980s he built up his power within what was then Yugoslavia by aligning himself with the Eastern Orthodox religion, even attending ceremonies presided over by clerics. 
    I was not aware that Slobodan Milosevic avowed himself an atheist in the first place.
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