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December 28, 2002

Blondes do have more fun

While looking up some data for this post, I found a great site chock full of fun-facts: Neoteny.org. The site has a scientific theory to sell you, but his data is what really caught my attention.

Check this out:

Of the 50 subjects with learning disabilities, 10 (20%) were blond. In contrast, 121 of 1067 subjects without learning disabilities were blond (11%)... subjects with learning disabilities were nearly twice as likely to be blond compared with non-LD subjects.... These results raise the possibility that melanin may be involved both in the development of motor dominance and independently in the devilment of neural systems which, when maldeveloped, result in learning disabilities. (Schachter, Ransel & Geschwind (1987) Associations of Handedness with hair color and learning disabilities Neuropsychologia 25: pp. 275)

Not conclusive (the sample with learning disabilities is hell-of-small), but some more information which indicated that blondes had higher rates learning disabilities and were more likely to be left-handed was very interesting. I don't really know what to make of this. But food for thought (the idea that "blondes are dumb" might come from learning disabilities perhaps?).

Diane of Letter From Gotham (soon to be in new digs) took up the baton that I received from Cut on the Bias on the whole black-women-angry-at-white-women-for-stealing-their-men-schtick. Diane brought up the issue of "blondeism," the lower bar that fair-haired women have to jump in attractiveness (thanks for the correction Diane). The data is light on the ground and speculation rife in the air. So I'll pile on.

Blonde hair dye outsells other colors by five to one. Only a small minority of American women are natural blondes as adults, but look at Playboy or watch television and blondes are far more prominent. A roommate of mine back in college, who had a marketing minor, told me that blondes sell 5% more on a magazine cover, so they are more of a safe bet. Ancient Roman women wore blonde wigs. It seems that there is a natural preference for blondes. If it was cultural, one would find at least one European culture where there is a preference for dark hair among women, but I know of none (readers can correct me here). I think it is clear that there is sexual selection for blondism because it is a childish trait that accentuates a woman's youth (the one other region of the world where blondism is common, among the central Australian tribes, the trait is associated with women and children).

On the other hand, is the blonde preference cross-racial? Is it part of a "peacock" effect where humans have no natural speed limit but gorge their eyes on golden hair if possible? I am not so sure about this. I would like to see data on whether isolated tribal people prefer blondes to non-blondes. I read in
Journal of Ethnic Studies years ago that though Asian people admired the light skin of Europeans, they were less impressed by blonde hair and blue eyes [1]. In fact, the people of east Asia often portrayed people with red hair and green eyes as witches and trolls (European hair is as red as Chinese skin is
yellow remember). The Chinese did have some knowledge of people with European features, the barbarians of Eastern Turkestan were often portrayed as having Western features and red hair (some of them still do even after centuries of intermarriage with Mongoloid people from the north and east). My
own personal experience from my cultural background (South Asian Muslim) is similar in that though the light skin of Europeans is admired, the blonde hair and blue eyes are considered less interesting. It seems to me that not having black hair is associated more with sickliness than anything else [2]. This implies that the peacock effect is not at play, that people tend to prefer those who are lighter than the mean of their population, but not as light as can be (makes sense, otherwise albinos would all be supermodels).

In the context of American culture this preference for blondes favors white women. Blacks and Asians who bleach their hair blonde look ridiculous. I know, I've done it twice (I did it for the ridiculousness of it, but don't plan on it anytime in the future). On the other hand, most whites can become bottle blondes and if it is done well can pass as one of the fair-haired elite (ever take a look at pictures of mouse-brown haired Norma Jean?).

When I was in 8th grade one of the classes I took was about social interaction and public issues. We split up into groups. I happened to have the token black girl at our school (her father was black, her mother white) in my group. There were about six groups, and only our group did not include "blonde" as a physical feature of the "perfect girl." I don't suspect this was a coincidence, because it is not a large leap in logic to conclude that because non-white women can never look naturally blonde they can never aspire toward physical perfection. And let's be honest, for young men physical perfection is the only type there is for women.

What can I say? Life sucks.

[1] The modern vogue in Japan for brown hair and eye surgery to mimic the Western look is very much going against historical norms. It is a classic case of cultural emulation. On the other hand, light skin has always been associated with beauty and class.

[2] My sister has very dark reddish-brown hair (obviously more brown than red). In a crowd of white people her hair looks basically black, but when set next to the blue-black hair of my brothers & I, the difference is instantly noticeable. My mother hoped it was a childhood related condition, but her hair
color remains stubbornly "abnormal," despite all my mothers attempts to mitigate it with ointments (both my parents dye their grey hair black-I have mild premature greying and might have more showing now than my father).

Posted by razib at 03:44 AM

In my experience, natural blondes quite shrewd. They understand the dumb, tittering, shallow
personalities that high school boys like and play them to the hilt.

Posted by: duende at December 28, 2002 12:01 PM

that's just women. blondes just have more opportunity to play them....

Posted by: razib at December 28, 2002 12:27 PM

One little nit, Razib, blondeism isn't the actual "superiority of blondes" but the perceived greater
attractiveness of blonde hair in women, which means that the bar is set higher for brunettes. (Think Zeta-Jones v. Zellweger.)

It's a nit, but to me, an important nit.

Curiously, this doesn't work with men, which fits in with the whole neoteny bit. Tall, dark & handsome is
the ideal. (Think Viggo Mortensen...)

Posted by: Diana at December 28, 2002 02:34 PM

1) i deserved that, after all my rambling about how people are *different* and not *superior* or *inferior*

2) the tall-dark-handsome thing is interesting, though i wonder at those who assert that indo-european gods tend to be "blonde-beasts." most women i know do tend to associate blonde men with an almost child-like beauty-and before the 19th century i have read that blonde males were stereotyped as feckless dreamers. would be nice to have more data on this (anyone know the hair color of the homeric heroes well? i believe achilles, odysseus and idomeneus are all described as "red-haired")

Posted by: razib at December 28, 2002 03:17 PM

1) No prob. :)

2) Erm....I think I was talking about a preference for paedomorphic qualities in chix, and neoteny wasn't
the issue here....gotta get my HBD terms straight.

Posted by: Diana at December 28, 2002 05:10 PM

In my observations, men from very white countries like dark women. I could be wrong, but there are many cases of German men who come here as tourists and get married to darker-than-average Brazilian women.

Maybe men value the rare, the novelty. I myself think that I'm more attracted to blondes when I am Brazil than in America, as though I adapted to the new proportions. Strange, eh?

Posted by: Gustavo Lacerda at December 29, 2002 07:58 PM

Well, if you assume that blondes are, on a purely physical basis, considered more attractive than brunettes, it follows that blondes will also, on average, be dumber (assuming that brains actually give a woman a selective advantage in finding a mate.)

A slightly dumber blond will have a same chance of winning a mate as a slightly smarter brunette
(assuming that the blonde hair gives her an advantage.) Thus, selective pressure will produce a lower mean intelligence for blonde women than for brunette women.

Obviously, this is grossly simplified, and you'd have to add in maternal affects and 2nd or third order
inheritence issues (smarter women have smarter kids, which will in turn produce more grandchildren),
but I'd say a simple minded sexual selection argument easily explains the dumb blonde stereotype.

Of course, this sort of easy just-so Ev. Psych. argument is immediately and rightly suspect, but I thought I'd at least throw it out there.

Posted by: Doug Turnbull at December 30, 2002 12:18 PM

A minor point: If the pigment-deficient are more likely to be left-handed, it may be because we are less
likely to punish a child for using its left hand.

Posted by: Anton Sherwood at December 30, 2002 02:08 PM

Diana: "One little nit, Razib, blondeism isn't the actual "superiority of blondes" but the perceived greater attractiveness of blonde hair in women, which means that the bar is set higher for brunettes. (Think Zeta-Jones v. Zellweger.)"

This is so true.

Posted by: -R at December 30, 2002 05:17 PM

Why do fairer skinned girls have more fun, but women like their men tall, dark, and handsome?
Anthropologist Peter Frost points out that sisters average about 10% fairer in skin color than their
brothers. http://www.globetrotter.net/gt/usagers/pfrost/

That's why females are called "the fair sex."

We don't often consciously notice that sex difference in modern America because of the wide differences in skin color caused by America's racial diversity. Nonetheless, it's a common feeling around the world. It tends to lead to rich people becoming lighter skinned than poor people since rich men will marry fairer skinned girls and have fairer skinned sons who will continue the process.

Posted by: Steve Sailer at December 31, 2002 12:25 AM

I can't quantify an Irish preference for dark hair among women but a common poetic name for Ireland is
"An Róisín Dubh" - The Black Rose - a beatiful black haired woman. The "Cáilín Dubh" - black haired
girl - is prominent in Irish literature as an object of desire. Yet, the Irish "Buachaillín Bán" - fair-haired
boy implies a favorite son.

Posted by: Kevin Griffin at December 31, 2002 02:45 PM

A male friend of mine from China tells me he doesn't like blondes and is somewhat perplexed by their
poularity in America.

Posted by: duende at January 1, 2003 01:02 PM

I've always assumed that light skin was preferred because in agricultural societies the peasants are
working in the sun and the aristocrats are lounging in the shade. Affluence was pale. Only in the modern era are the affluent lying in the sun getting tanned while the poor labor inside under fluorescent lights.

Posted by: Joanne Jacobs at January 2, 2003 01:12 AM

joanne's idea is common, and i myself think it has some validity. what we should look at is do non-
agricultural societies have the same preferences? the australian aborigines for instance consider
blondeness a female trait, and rather attractive.

Posted by: razib at January 2, 2003 04:07 AM

Doug, I think your analysis of the dumb blonde stereotype missing a crucial factor. If blonde women are
more preferred as mates in a culture, it is likely that the more successful men in that culture will be
successful in obtaining blonde wives. Seeing as more successful men are likely to be more intelligent and
both blondeness and intelligence are inherited, blondeness (or actually any other preferred trait) would be
a marker also for greater intelligence. Though, it can be a wash.

The fact that blondes may be more prone to learning disabilities does not mean that blondes without
learning disabilities would be any less intelligent. If anything, the blonder nations of Europe - Sweden,
The Netherlands, England, Germany, Austria, even Poland scored higher on IQ tests than the darker
nations of southern Europe, Italy being the exception.

I would also like to comment on whether a preference for blondes is just a sexual selection or if it
represents a natural selection. It strikes me that blondism is a marker for lighter skin which is better
adapted to the colder northern climates. I think sexual selection anticipates natural selection and
consequently serves as a form of breeding (hell, it could even be called intelligent design if ID has not
come to mean something else.) But since natural selection only works on what's available, we have
blonde Swedes and Finns and short, darker Lapps and Inuits. All populations show adaptions to colder
climates, but each had different 'stuff' to work with and each culture would emphasize a different ideal
that would be marginally better adapted to the environmental conditions.

Posted by: Steve at January 2, 2003 07:35 AM

I, as a blonde student have always been reassured by fellow classmates and friends that I am the exception
to the blonde stereotype. However, I have come to notice differences in the treatment of other individuals
around me due to hair color. Observing male reactions to females with varying amounts of hair pigment, I
have found that many males seem to strongly believe in the "ditzy blonde" label. I am pleasantly surprised
and pleased to find that this message board exists, and that those participating in it seem to also be
working to destroy the irrational stereotype of the unintelligent blonde.

Posted by: Lacey at January 30, 2003 01:19 PM

I'm actually doing a journalism assignment on whether or not blondes actually have more fun. But before
I do my research, I must define "Blondes" as well as "fun". When you hear the quote "blondes have more
fun", what is your interpretation. Specifically, what does FUN mean to you?

Posted by: Jen at January 31, 2003 12:18 PM

Jen - blondes are girls with yellowish hair. I don't know where to stand on dirty blondes and "dyed
blondes" though. I don't believe that blondes are dumb genetically, just like I don't believe that blacks are
dumb genetically or that Poles don't have common sense. A more likely explanation is that blondes are
expected to act dumb because of these stupid stereotypes and they do so because they think that's why guys
find them so attractive. Maybe they think that if they guys like stupid girls because it's easier to get some
"fun". Or maybe these blond girls become stupid because they spend all their time getting or looking for
"fun" and they don't have any time to learn anything. Another explanation might be that all the stupid
brunette girls who are seeking "fun" dye their hair blonde. Perhaps society keeps thinking that blondes
are stupid because of the jealous brunettes who continue to keep this stereotype alive due to losing bfs to
blondes. As a guy, I prefer blondes over brunettes and I'm pretty sure that most unbiased guys do also.
Yellow is a feminine color, at least more than brown or black. In japanimation, the japanese use pink,
light blue, purple, and yellow for hair color for their female japanese cartoon characters because these are
"girly". Females that are attractive are the ones who look female. Hollywood is a prime example - the
beautiful women celebrities - Uma Thurman, Sarah Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Britney, Meg Ryan,
Heather Graham, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Rachel Roberts in Simone, Courtney Thorne Smith,
Heather Locklear, Heidi Klum, Natasha Kinski, Natasha Henstridge...need I go on? Now, let's look at the
men. Nick Nolte? The most prominent blonde angel is brad pitt, but it seems he's starting to lose that
title as evidenced in Ocean Eleven. Ryan Phillipe dyed his hair to brown. Maybe that guy in the Fast and
the Furious. Most male celebrities have dark hair, rather than yellow hair. When i picture a masculine
male, he doesn't have yellow hair. As for skin color, I think the male should always be darker than the
female. The reason - i don't quite know - maybe the fairer the skin, the more feminine because women are
more likely to be indoors than men. A quick example - ebony and ivory. White guys are never with a
black girl, but it may be possible for a black guy to be with a white girl. And the black girls that white
guys even remotely like usually have white blood - Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, tyra (?, not sure). As
for eye color, I've been debating with myself which is better light colored eyes or dark colored eyes. The
answer is now very obvious. It's harder to see the pupil in darker eyes than lighter eyes. For example, I
notice in african americans that they have such black eyes that I can't see their pupil because it has
blended - I just see the reflection of light. But when I see blue eyes or green eyes, the puil can be seen
easily - the eyes may be the windows to the soul; but the pupils are the glass of the windows. Therefore,
I'm going to marry an Aryan girl :) If anyone wants to debate, then this law student would be much

Posted by: Seifer at February 3, 2003 10:48 PM

Perosnally, being blonde doesn't mean being stupid. I certainly can not figure out why blondes are
considered stupid, or why female blondes are considered stupid and most male blondes arn't. I do believe
that yes we do act on occasion to the cercumstance that leads to acting a tad ditsy, but I can think of plenty
brunettes and red-heads who also have the same agenda. Not to mention I think dying your hair blonde is
abosolutely idiotic, I mean think about it making yourself the object of redicule not that my friend is
stupid. Recently reading 220 blonde jokes referring to blondes as easy, well we are easy...but so is
everyone else who wants to be easy. I read an article that made perfect sense by stating that,"Blondes have
more confidence, therefore leading them to experience more erotic, and exotic pleasures of the world, not
just referring to as being easy."Blondes are just as smart as any brunette or red-head.

Posted by: Martika at March 16, 2003 06:12 PM

Oh, and to add to that I did misspell a few words...I was in a hurry to catch my next class when I found
the forum posted on the message board outside the dorms.

Posted by: Martika at March 16, 2003 06:17 PM

Here's the thing.

Non-blondes are calling the blondes attractive, stupid, having to use looks to get around life, etc...... While
the blondes are saying they're jealous cause they've got all the guys swooping around them, etc............

For both sides it is true.

Most non-blondes are just sick of the stuck-up personailties of blonde people who think they're better than
everyone else, while others are actually jealous. I'm not saying all blondes are stuck up attention seekers.
But most of them are and even if they don't admit it and go on the other side claiming that they're the ones
being wrongly bullied for just being blonde while it's their fault in the first place.

I've only ever known one natural blonde in my life who doesn't flirt with boys or dyed her hair to attract
attention. She's a great person and everyone loves her for just being who she is and no one teases her
about being blonde. While many other blondes are being bullied. Why? She's just herself and doesn't care
if she's attractive or not. She's proud of her natural hair colour and you should be too!

People who truely love and care for you in life will judge you by your heart not with your looks. People
who like others by looks or popularity will start lying to themselves saying he/she's fun, kind and caring
etc.... are only creating illusions for themselves becasue they just want the person to be that way and so
believe in it. While the other person will start moulding into the kind of person they think their other
person would want them to be, so they won't lose them. (I had a friend who always whore white socks to
school but them started wearing black saying her boyfriend thinks they're more sexier)This is an example
of it.

I would rather get with a person who loved me just for being myself than live a lie and have to do this and
that to keep and please them.

Posted by: Commenter at March 20, 2003 03:22 AM

I'm NATURALLY blond and i'm African American and i think its ignorant to say blacks will always look
unatural being blond. I think Beyonce Knowleses and Mariahs blond looks much more natural than
Christina Aguilera's any day. We dont complain about other races tanning,wearing braids,singing black
music etc, but now we "look look rediculous in blond hair"?
In my opinion regardless of your race,black,white,asian or hispanic, if blond doesnt work for you then
thats just you.It has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

Posted by: carmen at March 25, 2003 10:38 PM

There is a study in England demonstrating that the individuals who appear less intelligent are the same
that appear to be fake blondes. The difference in perception between blonde and brunette in that study
was that the blonde was more popular.

"The brown model was rated as more shy, and the natural blonde as more popular."
Dr Cassidy said: "It seems that the stereotype about dumb blondes did exist, but only in terms of the
platinum blonde."

Someone mentioned IQ above and it's true that the Northern Europeans have some of the highest IQs.
The Netherlands in particular is one of the most sexually free places while at the same time it is the place
with the highest IQ. Having just visited there I noticed that many of the people who were from there
didn't seem to care about discussing issues as much. They are more to the point and direct -a bit like the
blonder Midwestern US with Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. They get the same job done, but don't feel
the need to sit around and think or talk about it. They just know what to do and do it. My Midwestern
wife is also like that. She often has more trouble than I do at discussing complicated issues. But as I am
discussing something, she often uses one sentence or action that can beat me to the point. I'm more
brunette than blonde. My theory for today is that blondes tend do things where as brunettes tend to think
about doing things. So it would seem that brunettes are more thoughtful in that way.

As for blonde jokes, they do outnumber brunette jokes 10 – 1. This helps back up both ideas that
brunettes are less popular and they like to think about things. Brunettes have more time on their hands to
think about why it is they have more time to think about things. This leads to a natural proclivity to
provide an abundance of jokes as an attempt to feel better about being a brunette, or at least to try and
deflate blonde popularity.

I've read that this issue will fade in two hundred years basically because of the combination of the media
and brunettes dying their hair blonde. We will have bred blondes out of existence and they will be
effectively extinct in two hundred years or so. Consequently, brunettes will have the last say as to which
quality was better in the end. Blondes and others should note that the current form of "diversity"
marketed today would provide civilization with the opposite long-term impact as that implied by MTV
and other media. Whether you think this effect has been caused on purpose, or not, depends on your view
of the people in charge of the majority of the media.

A great deal of media is mostly owned by a group of people who are great marketers. You'll note that in
years past these brunette marketers have convinced people that they are God, that a rock can be worth a
million dollars, and artwork containing only one black stroke of paint is important to the cultural fabric of
the world (lately it's sparkly glass that is so important in that field). A little Brunette man (who
incidentally was also good at marketing) upset this same group in World War Two. This man said his
intentions where to breed a perfect race of blondes at the expense of the brunette marketers. Well, as a
member of this group of brunette marketers, I would be a quite upset. If I were still a little paranoid about
the WWII incident, I would do whatever necessary to cause the mass extinction of the blondes.

Posted by: David at April 4, 2003 09:16 AM

I am a natural brunette, and am half-filipino. I think that the whole blondes v brunettes thing is ridiculous and can't understand for the life of me why people are so shallow and narrow-minded as to make assumptions about how feminine a woman is based on her hair colour. I also don't get those stupid people who are all like 'grr i hate blondes' because what right have they to immediately decide they hate someone just because of their hair colour? It's ridiculous and i think all people can be considered beautiful regardless of their hair colour.

Posted by: Cat at June 29, 2003 06:42 AM

I am a natural brunnette and im constantly irritated on how men in school always think blondes are better because they are "ditzier" wich is totally untrue! My friend is blonde and just recently started acting all stupid because she wants guys to like her~wich is so lame!!! UGH people are so shallow to even make sterotypes about the color of someones hair!! i mean cmon its a color!! I personally think brunnetes are prettier!

Posted by: UNKNOWN at July 1, 2003 05:39 PM

Hey whats up? I don't think hair color really matters but I'll still share my opinions with you people. I think brunettes are hotter cause they are sexier and more exotic looking. They usually have nice bodies too with curves and big tits and nice tight asses. Blondes are cool too, but I`m not really attracted to them as much. Their kinda too white ' ya know. Theres a lot of famous blondes around, but i'm into the dark haired girls like penelope cruz, alyssa milano, j.lo and whoever.

Posted by: Todd at July 9, 2003 10:15 AM

There is nothing more exotic than a beautiful, bold brunette with pale blue eyes and porcilin skin.... especially if she is smart. Blonds evolved in cold climate regions to adapt to their environment. The earth has been getting hotter every year, so wouldn't it be wise to understand that brunettes have the evolutionary advantage? Brunettes and blonds have the same amount of estrogen....neither is more female than the other, though one does have an evolutionary edge. Also, most countries with declining birth rates have more blonds than countries with high birth rates. Natural selection depends on fertility and reproductive rates.

Posted by: Pamela at July 14, 2003 07:26 PM

Okay. No hair color/weight/height/skin color/eye color is better than another. It's the beauty of DIVERSITY, people. Come on, wouldn't it be boring if we all looked the same?

There are a few actresses in Hollywood who are NATURAL blondes...Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore, Kim Basinger, Charlize Theron, Kirsten Dunst, & Melanie Griffith, to name a few. Uma Thurman actually is a natural redhead, not a blonde.

There are some lovely brunette actresses too...Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ashley Judd, Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow (former brunette), Marilyn Monroe (former brunette), Lucy Lawless, Justine Bateman, Yasmine Bleeth, Pam Anderson (former brunette), etc.

So, no, blondes are not prettier & no, they don't have more fun. Blonde women are unfairly stereotyped as being loose, silly sluts...on the other hand, it's not "jealous brunettes" who perpetuate this. What reason would I, a beautiful AND bright brunette, have to envy a blonde? There's lots of fun in being brunette, believe me. I believe the stereotype comes from the fact that in the 1940's, blonde hair was in. It was considered very glamorous for a woman to have light hair at that time. Most people would be surprised to know that Marilyn Monroe was NOT blonde. She was, in fact, a dark brunette until 1948...her hair was bleached blonde to advance her career. The same with Jayne Mansfield. Jane Russell's hair remained black as did Liz Taylor's. These starlets were all really DARK-HAIRED with lush figures (think Bettie Page, too), but blonde hair was in demand at the time so most of them started bleaching away.

Most adults who had fair hair as children later end up being light or dark brunettes. Most natural blondes are dark blondes...very light blonde hair is a recessive gene & therefore extremely rare. In blacks, it is almost nonexistent. I happen to be a mixed person with porcelain skin & dark hair & I can say that it is RARE for black women to be naturally blonde, even when light-skinned. Beyonce Knowles is not a good example, as her hair is not her own...she has what we call a "weave." And it looks very unnatural on her. Mariah Carey naturally has light brown hair that has been both bleached & highlighted blonde...she is NOT a natural blonde. No, blonde hair looks foolish on anyone not of European descent, simply because blonde hair is primarily a European trait, albeit a rare one.

Blondes are not prettier, more fun, more feminine & vivacious than brunettes. People have their preferences, of course, but brunettes are just as beautiful. Marilyn Monroe was no blonde before her career took off. Neither was Liz Taylor, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, Bettie Page, or Joan Collins. Most brunettes have a dark beauty that cannot be described. I find blond, dark-haired, & black men attractive. Blond males tend to be boyishly charming, dark-haired men tend to be very sensual, & black men tend to go after what they want in life. It used to be said that blondes & nice figures went hand in hand, but I think it more depends on the person. I'm dark-haired & I've always heard that I have a beautiful figure. Lots of brunettes have nice figures. So it doesn't do to stereotype or generalize people based on looks or hair color.

Posted by: anonymous at July 23, 2003 01:52 PM

I'm naturally blonde. Both of my parents are naturally blonde, so the choice really wasn't mine. My Mother's family is from Germany and my Father's are from the highlands of Scotland - so we have quite a few redheads and blondes in our family and very few brunettes. It's all predetermined by genetics. My distant ancestors weren't roaming around in the desert - but were instead roaming around in the cooler and more overcast areas of Northern Europe. Because of this it wasn't necessary for us to develop darker skin as a protective mechanism from the sun. And our eyes didn't have to generally darken to the extent at which some African Americans eyes did because the rays of the sun weren't so intense where we were.

What I wanted most to comment on was the many posts about the supposed genetic defects, decreased fertility, learning disabilities, stupidity or 'ditziness' that are being claimed to be inherently more pronounced in the fairer groups of people. I call Bu!!sh!t on that.

I'm disgusted by the sterotypes. I'm especially tired of the countless dumb blonde jokes that I'm forced to endure while interacting with the remarkable number of mentally challenged brunettes that I come into contact with. To generalize that blondes are somehow less intelligent based on their hair color is ridiculous enough - but then to go as far as to claim that it has been assumed or hypothesized that blondes inherit this 'stupidity' is even more ridiculous. Another pathetic attempt to make blondes appear to be at a disadvantage to brunettes.

I could honestly care less if the majority of men in the world find me to be the ideal or even attractive. It is true however that men do generally treat blondes differently than brunettes. Men tend to joke with me and tease me more when speaking to me, when intersted or attracted to me, and maybe that is because they have fallen prey to the vast numbers of rumors and false information about blonde women. There is a difference there. Maybe that's why blondes have more fun? I've only been a blonde so I have nothing to base a comparison on other than my observations.

It's frustrating to have someone already potentially assuming that you're unitelligent before they have even spoken to you - but people do generalize and have preconceived notions about certain groups of people.

There are always exceptions to the rule. And I have to say that I have met my fair share of dumb brunettes and dumb blondes alike.

And as far as the comment that Commenter made about how she or he has only known one natural blonde who wasn't a slut, basically, and whom she never knew to 'flirt with boys' and such. What's wrong with flirting with boys? And if you're a blonde is it somehow worse to flirt with boys? And to be a blonde and flirt makes you a slut or less likeable and respectable? As a woman, like most women, if you're single and interested in someone - you flirt. Men do it, women do it. I don't see what's wrong with that. There is a huge difference between flirting and promiscuity. To flirt and be happy is not necessarily to be a slut. Give me a break.

Most blondes that you see acting like morons and idiots are generally those who were brunette for the majority of their lives and are now overwhelmed by the attention they're receving from becoming a blonde - and they become ditzy and foolish. Most blondes who have been blonde for their whole lives are generally those who are tired of the labels and lack of respect given to them. Please stop generalizing.

Posted by: Amy at August 3, 2003 12:58 AM

Well...I don't know what Commenter said that you found offensive. She never used the word 'slut' at all. And she never said anything was wrong with people flirting. No, I believe what she meant was that she has a lot of respect for her friend, who is a REAL blonde with a good personality & lots of intelligence...hence, men are attracted to her for these qualities, not just her blond hair.

I have heard that blondes are treated differently by men (better), but as a brunette, I've never experienced that at all. I've had a blonde friend for about 7 years who is jealous of the fact that I receive more attention than she does when we're together! There's a lot of popular myth surrounding blondes but IMO, it's only hype...it's only a hair color, like somebody said.

It upsets me that people are stereotyped/labeled for whatever reason. I'm not sure how any of it started, really. People believe it was due to Hollywood actresses back in the 50's but as I said, most of them were just very sexy BRUNETTE women who went blonde as a career move or simply because they wanted to.

Amy, you sound like a very strong person...a fine quality. I agree, most of the "ditzy blondes" were former brunettes...however, I don't agree with (quote): "now overwhelmed by the attention they're receiving by becoming blonde" (end quote). These particular "bottle blondes" were probably ditzy & foolish in the first place. The fact that they decided to go blonde only played up the dumb blonde stereotype even more, unfortunately for the natural ones. There are some pretty blondes. There are some pretty redheads. There are some very pretty brunettes who are even more beautiful & sexy than some blondes.

All in all, you seem strong & confident. Don't let people's stupidity & judgemental attitudes get to you. If they want to judge you by your hair color, that's their problem. You know the real deal about who you are as a PERSON, not just a blonde.

Posted by: anonymous at August 17, 2003 06:05 PM

Brunettes are not Blonde. A Brunette who bleaches herself is a Bleached Brunette.

The stereotype of the DumbSlutBlonde was actually created by the DumbSlutBleachedBrunette. If you ignore the false name these women use you will see that the dumbslut profile matches exactly with the well-known attitudes, behaviors and actions of Bleached Brunettes.

Blondes are in a FORCED association with Bleached Brunettes because they use our name.

These women need to be OUTED and FORCED
to use the name Bleached Brunette because it clearly identifies them and clearly disassociates them from Blondes.

For more see blondfrombirth.org

Posted by: carol at August 25, 2003 11:20 AM

Hi, what is wrong with you. I am a brunette, with dark, almost black hair and ivory skin, and green eyes. i would never go back to blonde, because it looked cheep. i think brunettes are gorgeous...

besides, all the blondes out there are dyed blondes? bleached blondes always come off looking trashy, in my opinion

Posted by: brunette at September 19, 2003 08:11 AM

Hi, I am a natural brunette, and I find it very insulting that some people find it necessary to dub brunettes who dye thier hair blonde as having created "the dumb blond" myth. Not ALL brunettes who dye thier hair BLOND are ditzy, stupid and clueless, just as not ALL NATURAL BLONDES are genuises with IQ's that could rival Einsteins you asshole. (Amy)(carol) I, myself am a natural brunnette,and all I have EVER hear from society, is how much prettier, better, more popular and overall more confident blondes are. So, who is anyone to blame brunettes for dying thier hair because they feel pressure to conform to society because they foolishly buy into the perceptions and illusions of those who say blondes are better? What we need to hear more, is that we are fine just as we are, that brunettes are NOT sabotaging the blondes, and it is unfair as well as immature to scapegoat us for all the blonde jokes that go around. Also, pale, Eurpoean skin is not a trait that soley goes along with blonde haired people. I am Irish and Scottish as well as English and I am fairer than more blondes I know. The only difference is, I have dark hair.

To those who are pretentious enogh to think that all brunettes wish to dye thier some ugly blonde color need to get in touch with reality. I love my dark hair, and I wouldn't dye it a blonde color, because I am beautiful just the way I am.
But if I did, I would certainly not be some "bleach bottle brunette" or whatever other insulting stereotpye anyone has for people who dye thier hair. And if anyone forced me to call myself that, I would reloish the oppurtunity to kick thier teeth in to the back of thier miniscule sized skull.

Remember, stereotypes are for the mentally challenged among us, who cannot fathom the thought process to form an opinion any other way.

(Don't worry, that wasn't another blonde joke.)

Not that there's any shortage....

Posted by: Sara at September 20, 2003 10:29 PM


Also if what Carol says is true:

"The stereotype of the DumbSlutBlonde was actually created by the DumbSlutBleachedBrunette. If you ignore the false name these women use you will see that the dumbslut profile matches exactly with the well-known attitudes, behaviors and actions of Bleached Brunettes."

I would like to ask her, how she can so hypocritically condemn the stereotyping of blondes while stereotyping those brunettes who dye thier hair blonde. Dying your hair ANY color shouldn't leave you open to an attack, and it most certainly does not automatically determine your I.Q. Grow up. (If that's possible in your lifetime.)

Posted by: Sara at September 20, 2003 10:41 PM

I am a brunette
I find it harmful that people think burnettes have know life. But we do. I do. My life is more interesting than sum blondes. I was just insulted 2day by my friend. Chelsea...A blode. Her...well...she has a life. But Mine is just as interesting as hers. My nickname... the falling cloud. I fall, more than her. Some life I have! O yeah, yall think brunettes have no life, well I guess faling in the hallways is no life! I'm a ditz. Not a blonde, a brunette ditz... and a proud one!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~>Most boys don't getattracted to brunettes... my boys do.....

I, myself am a natural brunnette,and all I have ever hear from others, is how much prettier, better, more popular and overall more confident blondes are. Well... I'm sorry to say, I'm pretty and confident. And Overall.... I'm popular. So wutz the peoples problem? I'm getting closer n closer to brunettes every day and edging away from blondes who say "I'm blonde and I have more fun than you" I'm speaking directly to you, Chelsea DeLong. Earlier today you mentioned, "It's scientificly proven that Blondes have more fun than Brunettes. They stick out and have tunz of fun. Get real and get dye if your life is sooo cool." I'm sorry Chelsea but dye won't do it for me. I have a cool life cool friends and the coolest hair color. No one can ever take away my proudness of being a 'dumb brunette'. That's how it'll remain. I'm representing my brunette friends, and I'm sticking with them. We have fun! We have a life! And blonde hair duz not make it that way! I have brunette colored hair! I AM A PROUD DUMB BRUNETTE!

That is my point! Did you get all that? I don't think I did...But i wrote it...o well...
The best brunette eva **Manda

Posted by: Manda at October 10, 2003 07:59 PM


I, myself am a natural brunnette,and all I have ever hear from others, is how much prettier, better, more popular and overall more confident blondes are.

I was not stating that brunettes are not as sexy as blondes, but rather, that is all I ever hear, from society in general. Now, please don't spread this "dumb brunette" thing around, you're going to give us a worse rep than the blondes have right now! lol

Posted by: Sara at October 10, 2003 11:50 PM

To comment on Steve's point about how the "blonder" nations of Europe scored higher on academic tests than "darker" European nations. Could these higher scores be due to the fact that many of these tests, which were composed by white, western Europeans, pose a cultural bias. This may be comparable to asking both Canadian and American students to write identical tests on Canadian history. Gee...I wonder if the Canadian students would score better?...Just a suggestion.

Posted by: Andy at October 11, 2003 09:04 PM

I am a person of mixed race and I am not really affected by the whole "blonde vs. brunette" conflict. First of all, no offense, but I think that you're all a bunch of white people who don't know how good you all have it, regardless of your hair colour. What does slightly bother me is when stars like beyonce and J-Lo get successful only after lightening (or straightening) their hair, demonstrating that the "whiter" they look, the more accepted they will be. In the case of J-Lo, you can be Latina and it's ok, as long as you have white features. Instead of bleaching, straightening and lightening themselves, why don't they just be proud of their ethnic appearance and not try to change their looks.

Posted by: Rachel at October 11, 2003 09:18 PM