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January 11, 2003

Merry Old England

From The Economist:

Check out the original article if you have a subscription. Here is a snippet:

The scale of the problem is horrifying (see charts), particularly given that black West Indians start off at primary school with better literacy and numeracy skills than any other ethnic group. How to explain this depressing trajectory? “This is still a question which courts a lot of controversy,” says Marian FitzGerald of the London School of Economics. “It is complex and politically sensitive. Nobody wants to be seen to be ‘explaining away' discrimination.” Broadly speaking, opinion divides between those who blame racism among whites, and those who think there's something bad going wrong in the culture that black boys are brought up in.

Posted by razib at 08:18 PM

I read somewhere that Tamils have an IQ of 105.

Is this true?

Posted by: Sen at January 12, 2003 07:50 AM

where di you read this? godless would love to hear that :) i don't know if it's true, but tamil brahmins are something like 3/4 of the indian nuclear program (even kalam, a muslim, is a muslim tamil)

Posted by: razib at January 12, 2003 12:28 PM