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January 23, 2003

Chapelle's Show

Dave Chapelle debuted with his sketch comedy series on Comedy Central tonight. There was a really funny sketch where he broke a lot of taboos, using the work "nigger" many, many times-even uttered by the guy (white) who is a narrator for Frontline. The context is a documentry about a white supremacist author who turns out to be a black guy (Dave Chapelle) who has lived an isolated life in a blind community where he was raised to think he was white (and everyone else also thinks he's white-all are blind). By the end of the show Chapelle finds out that he's black after he takes off his hood & cape at a white supremacist rally (the head of one of his acolytes explodes in shock). The narrator explains at the end that he is now "...learning to deal with his blackness, and has divorced his wife of 19 years." The reason? The narrator relates that Chapelle's character told them, "She was a nigger lover."

Posted by razib at 12:41 AM