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March 01, 2003

Wish me luck

I'm flying out to Boston tonight for a job interview. Apologies to Beantown bloggers, but I'm going to be anti-social this visit and decline to go out. Three reasons for this: 1) it's a red-eye flight, so Sunday I'll be groggy and going to bed early, 2) I'll be prepping for the interview as much as possible and 3) I leave immediately on Monday afternoon after the interviews, so not much play time anyway.

Apologies for not blogging much, but it's been wahnsinnig fleissig (crazy busy) out here. I will leave you with something to ponder....the fat Euro.

The Euros comment about fat Americans...when 1/3 of them are obese. Potbelly, meet kettle ass.

Posted by david at 10:47 AM

nice attempt at schadenfreude... europe is 1/3rd obese... and USA is 60% obese... tell me who's really in trouble?? for shizzle...

and tell me one more thing.. just to get the american perspective on such things... if at a future date it were determined that europe had a bigger obesity problem than USA... why would it make people like you happy? would it demonstrate a failure of europe? or may it's socialism? either way, why would it make you happy? ... i really want to understand this ...

Posted by: pshaw at March 1, 2003 11:39 AM


Posted by: bentleys, not mercedes at March 1, 2003 11:42 AM

Well, the article wasn't clear if they meant obese or overweight, but the word they used was "obese." In America, about 25-30% of people are clinically obese, the same as Europe, if they're using the same definitions.

And yes, 60% of Americans are "overweight" but not obese. This compares with over 50% of Germans, Italians and Spaniards who are "overweight." French and Brits are in at about 40%. But hey, nice attempt at fact-checking.

And no, fat people don't make me happy. But Euros who constantly rag on Americans for being fat, when they're just as fat ticks me off.

Just pointing out another example of that all-permeating Euro-quality, hypocrisy.

Posted by: David at March 1, 2003 12:29 PM