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April 08, 2003

More on Silver Rights

So, Ms. (Mrs.?) Mac Diva (aka Silver Rights) shows signs of being open to reason (perhaps inadvertently):

In reality, there are likely aspects to Chin's personality that explain why he is a succesful businessman and likes athletics. There are also aspects of the meth perps' personalities that explain why they are who they are. Not that just personality determines outcomes. Luck. Economics. Social conditions. Health. There are lots of reasons why people do the things they do and become who they are. But, there is not sufficient evidence to explain those outcomes on the basis of genetics at this point. [Emphasis mine.]

So now we're talking about a scientific question. What sort of standard of proof would Mrs. Diva want? The above statement implies that there *is* some form of evidence that would undeniably validate (or invalidate) a genetic hypothesis.

What is it? Though I don't know if she's familiar with the science, it stands to reason that she'd want info at the base pair level. In particular, she'd want genetic engineering of humans, because anything short of engineering would be deemed a "post hoc ergo propter hoc" explanation.

No problem - the hapmap is going to make this possible very, very soon. I really do wonder what Diva and the rest of the modern-day geocentrists will do when there are too many Galileos to burn at the stake...

Posted by razib at 10:16 AM