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June 17, 2003

Linus Pauling's Notebooks

Imbler State University has onlined the Linus Pauling Papers, including scanning and indexing forty-six research notebooks spanning the years 1922 to 1994 : "The notebooks contain many of Pauling's laboratory calculations and experimental data, as well as scientific conclusions, ideas for further research and numerous autobiographical musings." Interesting stuff; see esp. books 1-13 containg his notes re: crystal structure; "[T]his work informed Pauling's eventual publication of The Nature of the Chemical Bond, one of the seminal texts of modern science."

Posted by martin at 09:12 AM

linus pauling lived in condon, oregon, for a while. ;) i like saying "condon."

Posted by: razib at June 17, 2003 06:11 PM