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July 02, 2003

Geographical notes

Kind of a strange post for me. First, I'm in NYC and am going to be in town until 3 PM July 4th (my plane leaves @ 8 from JFK). My days are kind of free, so if anyone wants to meet up, email me (I am around Gramercy Park).

I have spent the past 2+ weeks on the road and this is my second visit to NYC in a month. Kind of wack. I was in Columbus for a week, very flat, very midwestern. Like Chicago, the attractive women are more meaty than I'm used to on the left coast. Because of Ohio State there is a reasonable young-person's scene, but I swear-to-god that all the males are loaded up on Human Growth Hormone, they probably have fatty marbled flesh for any of the cannibals out there. The OSU library had 11 floors, very nice....

Then off to Vermont where I saw that there was a local "Icelandic Horse Farm." I have no idea..... I was in Montpelier for a week or so, and I really liked it. Small, homey, with several book stores. The only chain shop seemed to be MailBoxes Etc., so in general, it fit your stereotype of a small town, but it was relatively cosmpolitan, and I even saw some of the brown. Vermont is really strange, lots of affluent tiny towns filled with gays & Jews & cosmos alternating with Two-Teeth-Hamlets. And I swear to god the roads are impossible to figure out, they make sure that you really want to come to Vermont, because if you didn't, you'd just give up. American Flatbread had some great pizza, though they refuse to call it that, saying it's "flatbread." It's hard to find too!

Vermont and Columbus were a bit antipodal. While the former wants to keep people out but instead has a lot of bobos flocking in, the latter wants to attract affluents but instead hemorrhages them as OSU loses all its graduates to Chicago and other large cities. America is great, its size & diversity allow for a host of regions and micro-regions that cultivate their own sensibility. If you want cheap housing and less livability, go to Houston. If you want slim job prospects and high rent, but great livability, go to Montpelier (or Portland even!). To each their own....

Posted by razib at 09:44 PM

Well, the Icelandic horse is really a pony, similiar to the Shetland pony and a Norwegian breed of pony. The Norwegian breed, at least, has the stiff "Mohawk" mane of the wild (not feral)Przewalski horse of Mongolia. Presumably there is some relation. The horses of the Mongols are also often called ponies, and they interbred frrely with the wild horses while they were around (they now exist only in zoos).

Iceland has more horses per capita than any other nation except Mongolia. (Barclay: The Role of the Horse in Man's Culture).

That should answer your question. The Bjork question is still up in the air, but as I said, the Icelanders keep excellect geneological records going back many centuries.

Posted by: zizka at July 3, 2003 01:00 PM