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September 12, 2003

Don't you love diversity, Green Mountain state?

I am going to shift for this post into a persona I will label "Diversicrat." All questions will be framed in the context of the grand principle-"but is it good for diversity?"-though I will not comment on situations where diversity might battle diversity (ie; Latino immigration causing black flight out of California because of eroding working class wages).

I visited Vermont in June. Nice state. Green hills, small towns, polite Yankees. But where was the diversity? I met a woman of half-Japanese heritage, but she was woefully apathetic to diversity and her own colorful Nipponese culture. What is wrong with them? The people at the local coffee shop were prompt & served with a smile, but again, the lack of diversity left a bitter aftertaste (though it was a nice brown organic Kenya brew-there was vanilla only behind the counter, cinnamon & chocolate among the flavor options-pure tokenism). The bookshops were filled with friendly clerks, radical literature, but again, no diversity.

Woe unto the unbelievers, Vermot is 97% white!!!. The lack of diversity is shocking-snow blindness is a problem in summer as well as winter! (if you know what I mean) And yet somehow these people think themselves liberal-electing a "socialist" to Congress! Yes, they favor income redistribution-but only for white people! A salting of Quebecois here & there does not not a colorful quilt of humanity make.

And speaking of government-Howard Dean is running for president. He seems nice enough, but we note that he was born & raised in New York City and moved to Burlington! Why would anyone in their right mind leave the diversity of New York City? Dean supports diversity on paper-after all he supports normalizing the status of undocumented workers, which is good for diversity (though we hear he dodged a question about it in the New Mexico debate to focus on racial profiling, which is bad, but not really that important for diversity). But his own state is only 1% Latino. Though the motel where I stayed was owned by Indians (brown kind), so some diversity, the maids & other help were whites who spoke English with an American accent, not Latinos who said "Yes" to every question! (this disturbing phenomena I also observed in Kentucky-whites doing menial work, not really good for diversity!) This indicates a shortfall of undocumented workers to normalize that can be used as the build-block for more diversity. If he is really committed to diversity Howard Dean should encourage the building of guest hostels in the cities of Vermont so that people of color from New York City and other areas afflicted by unemployment can move there and add a little spice to mix. Furthermore, the long term goal should be to import some of California's richness, for it is clear that far too much of the state is fallow and underpopulated. This might even discourage right-wing Republicans from moving to the state because of white flight as diversity will discourage them....

Posted by razib at 03:48 AM

Har Har. People-powered Howard's family is diverse: he's the token goy.

Full disclosure: I am voting for him.

But I get your point, Razib Swift. Us whitefolks just love diversity except when we have to live it.

Posted by: Diana at September 12, 2003 07:31 AM

PS somewhere I read that Dean moved to VT when he failed to get a hospital appointment in NYC. Of course, he could have gone to Alabama.

Posted by: Diana at September 12, 2003 07:32 AM

For people of priviledge like Dean (whose ancestors^3 were investment bankers--remember Dean Witter?), who managed wealthy homogeneous populations, *and* assume that everyone else is just like them (only different environments when young), they tend to see problems mainly a function of selfish societal priorities, not inconsistent or inappropriate solutions.

It is fun to watch candidates and the press dance around this issue, since whenever it's raised someone is quick to cry 'racism'. It seems to always get back to the "axiom of equality", which is so pernicious not because it's wrong, but because it's a moral imperative. You can't criticize it without becoming a pariah (eg, Steve Sailer).

Posted by: eric f at September 12, 2003 08:00 AM

according to the census my small town in southern oregon is 95% while. also, this is kind of an affluent theater town, and i see dennis kucinich signs all over the place-so know have seen liberal white flight first hand (these are people who go to shop in san francisco, not portland).

Posted by: razib at September 12, 2003 04:03 PM

This was a pretty funny letter to the editor I wrote to the social engineers at my socialist local news paper the St Paul Pioneer press after they wrote a ridiculous piece on Diversity in the workplace. I thought it was pretty funny hope you enjoy it! Follow the Alden Chronicles link below as it is my favorite analysis of Cultural Marxism and PC.


Hi Casey,

As a white male, I was really pleased to read your article that many Minnesota companies are indeed successfully displacing the racist
stranglehold that white males have brought to the workplace!!!!!

Although almost all inventions brought to modern civilization(95-96% by most studies) were created by the white male, we all know that this genius, altruism and ingenuity were only possible by the systematic oppression and
women, gay males and non-white males.

And boy oh boy(sorry...And person oh person), it is great to see that you have quoted that Seagate Technology has 3500 employees in MN and less than half non-white males!!! Hooray!!! It is so pleasing to know that they
have successfully kept the MN white male computer programmers/electronic
engineers out of their diverse company by taking advantage of the H1-B Visa program so they can pay and import East Asian and Indian MEN..(But thats ok we'll let them by because at least they aren't white men) Below is an
example of this great H1-B phenomena that has successfully brought non white
men to take these jobs from American White Men and helped companies achieve
this diverse balance!!

I think this will turn the tide in the favor of the proletariat(I am a card
carrying Marxist by the way) both in our country and the "global community"
to ensure that people of color, women and the homosexuals will take their place as the rightful heirs of our brave new world. Even though they
haven't been in the position of steering the global marketplace and
technical innovation up till now in Mankind's evolution, there is no doubt
the world will be a more peaceful and less oppressive place as we dismantle
the capitalistic first world to bring it in line with our more egalitarian
brothers in the third world. Below is an article that will walk you through
how this will happen better than I could ever explain.

Again, thank you for your diverse look at our diverse workplace because
without diverse opinions such as yours, I don't think we have a chance at
dismantling the white male attack on our assured future diverse utopia.

Best Regards

Jim Bob Jenkins-White Male*
*I apologize in advance in case the speech used offends anyone because I
have only finished my second class(out of 5 in total) in my mandated
diversity class at work and obviously reprogramming is not yet complete!!!
Below is my favorite quote that we are required to memorize that I thought
you may enjoy!

"For the purposes of everyday life it was no doubt necessary, or sometimes
necessary, to reflect before speaking, but a Party member called upon to
make a political or ethical judgment should be able to spray forth the
correct opinions as automatically as a machine gun spraying out bullets." -
George Orwell, 1984

Posted by: JimBob at September 13, 2003 08:03 AM