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October 08, 2003

Nobel Prizes announced
Posted by razib at 04:00 PM

Wow, Mckinnon won for Chemistry. I spent nearly a year reading his papers on voltage-gated K+ channels for my project on lipid rafts. Rather difficult read even for research papers

Posted by: Scott at October 8, 2003 05:55 PM

Interesting - two econometricians won the economics prize and last year there was one experimental economist. the nobel is taking an empirical turn

Posted by: Jason Soon at October 8, 2003 09:33 PM

Only one Jew. What's happening to us?

Posted by: Diana at October 9, 2003 08:04 AM

Two Jews in physics, Abrikosov and Ginzburg. See www.jinfo.org

Posted by: anon at October 9, 2003 01:11 PM

WOW. jews are the bomb (25% of nobel physics prizes).

Posted by: razib at October 9, 2003 01:22 PM