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November 18, 2003

Bobby Jindal = Affirmative Action?

VDARE reader says Bobby Jindal is an affirmative action beneficiary:

To be fair, this major-league affirmative action beneficiary—Brown University, Rhodes Scholar, holder of important offices granted by a doting President and Governor—did achieve notable successes. He reached out to the black vote and doubled the Republican share – to 9%!

The link in the letter to affirmative action is a Paul Craig Roberts article on the Michigan admissions ruling. Bobby Jindal's political appointments might have been due to his "dark skin," but I am highly skeptical that someone who had a 4.0 at Brown while double majoring in Biology & Public Policy (though Brown does have a strange grading system last I checked) and was accepted to both Harvard and Yale medical schools was a beneficiary of affirmative action in the higher educational context. Additionally, as some conservatives have noted, when it comes to higher education Asian Americans, including Bobby Jindal, are honorary whites outside the purview of diversity quotas-I am sure that most VDARE writers and readers know this.

VDARE says things that need to be said, but I don't see that they need to shade the truth to get their point across. As for the letter writer's interpretation of the Sailer strategy, I didn't know that that involved nominating only white candidates, as only whites can appeal to whites.

Posted by razib at 07:53 PM