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November 19, 2003

Creationist medical students?

Christian medical students want anti-evolution lectures at the University of Oslo, no, not the University of Alabama, Oslo, in Scandinavia! Now, Norway does have a Lutheran minister as a prime minister, and I have heard that the western Norway is a bit hickish, but this is Oslo! I wonder what Claudia thinks about this....

This makes me wonder-is the secularization hypothesis becoming invalid even for Europe! God help us!

OK, here is a display of Nordish genius:

The Christian Medical Students Circle want three basic points to be included in the curriculum:

1 According to the theory of evolution a mutation must be immediately beneficial to survive through selection. But many phenomena explained by evolution (for example the eye) involve so many, small immediately detrimental mutations that only give a long-term beneficial effect.

2 There is no fossil evidence to indicate transitional forms between, for example, fish and land animals or apes and humans.

3 Evolution assumes too many extremely improbably events occurring over too short a span of time [?].

I bolded really stupid assertions and inserted in a ? mark where I was confused as to what content they were trying to get across.

For 1 see neutral theory (to start).

For 2 see transitions in Talk Origins.

For 3, 3.6 billion years = short time? Actually, that assertion seems a bit confused and non-specific to me....

Update: Chris Mooney talks about medicine & evolution.

Posted by razib at 05:46 PM