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January 14, 2004

$Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl$

Urban Outfitters Discontinues Offensive T-Shirt:

Philadelphia, PA, January 9, 2004 The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today commended Urban Outfitters, Inc. for its decision to discontinue production of a t-shirt that perpetuates an ethnic stereotype of Jews.

The clothing item, part of a line of ethnic t-shirts, featured the language EVERYONE LOVES A JEWISH GIRL surrounded by dollar signs. The League wrote to Urban Outfitters, Inc. President Richard Hayne on January 6 to complain that the shirt reinforced a negative association between Jews and money and, as such, perpetuated an offensive stereotype.

Yeah, the above shirt is offensive, but there's offensive, and then there's offensive. This reminds me of the old Chris Rock line that he didn't get why people objected to "positive" stereotypes. He noted that he'd be really excited if people said stuff like, "Yeah, blacks are good with money, let that guy manage my investments," or "Let's cheat off the black guy! You know they're smart!"

By the way, here's a thought for a stereotype shirt:
e = mc2Everyone Loves an Asian GuyF = ma

I got to this story via the Beliefnet Blog which frames it in contrast with the fact that Jesus is my Homeboy T-shirts are still on sale. That's kind of stupid seeing how as the evangelical Christian Right debased their own culture to make "Jesus cool" by rolling out weirdlings like Christian Rap and Christian Nudism.

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