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January 20, 2004

Mating call

Sometimes people do behave like animals.

A few weeks ago I was watching Real World San Diego.

The hunk was calling his girlfriend to have her confirm to the hottie that he did have an 8-inch-penis (20.32 cm).

After confirmation, she proceeded to:
1) Fall on the floor
2) Turn away from him
3) Get all fours
4) Elevate her rump
5) Display it prominently
6) Strut off with an arched back (remaining on all fours), all the while shaking her rump in his direction

Now that the hunk has broken up with his girlfriend, let's see if the coital signalling worked....

If you don't watch Real World San Diego, here is a site that has an amusing summary of episodes:

Robin suggests Jacquese does not look like someone from the ghetto which leads to a division among the cast. In one camp you have the mega-hot cast members who have large body parts, in the other camp you have the equally hot cast members who feel left out because they are either minorities or afraid of large boats.

Posted by razib at 01:40 PM