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January 20, 2004

Coming to America

There is always a lot of talk about the low science scores of American students. But who cares? We know that Asian scientists come and set up shop in the US (which has a more open and risk accepting research culture), but this article (via Niraj) in Time documents the high-level European immigration to the United States. Though I do think it overstates the case with choice biased quotes (as if scientific politics is a European disease!), there is surely something to this. So, let foreign governments take care of their education, and let American labs soak them up as post-docs!

If you want a contrary view, check out Rich Florida complaining that the U.S. is losing the hearts & minds of the mobile "Creative Class". There are few nuggets of fact, but I think a lot of it is silty supposition (I do agree that U.S. immigration policies should be more friendly toward those with skills & educational qualifications, but that doesn't mean that that is contingent upon a Democratic political orientation)....

Posted by razib at 05:30 PM