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January 22, 2004

Japanese guest workers program?

There's been a lot of talk by people that Japan is a zero immigration state, and that it's dealing well with its demographic decline. I would like to point out that Japan has been importing workers for quite some time now. They are Japanese Brazilians (yes, only 300,000, nothing compared to the United States)! One of the most successful groups in Brazil's "racial democracy," the Japanese who return to the "mother country" serve as the unskilled labor, unseen, unthanked, by the majority Japanese. Of course, the Axiom of White Perfidy has so far allowed the Japanese to engage in this explicit targeting of an ethnically similar labor force from a hemisphere away, despite the huge pool of unskilled labor on the Asian continent. Of course, Japanese men do sometimes get pliable brides from the continent, called "Asian Brides."

Posted by razib at 06:06 PM