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February 05, 2004

Being anti-Islamist is not being racist!

John Rhys-Davies is coming under firing for giving giving comfort to racists. No matter that he asserted this:

If it just means the replacement of one genetic stock with another genetic stock, that does not matter too much. But if it involves the replacement of Western civilisation by a different civilisation with different cultural values, then it is something we really ought to discuss - because, goddammit, I am for dead white male culture.

This conflation of Islam = non-white is ridiculous, Islam is a confession, a belief system, non-Muslim societies are under no obligation to honor the Muslim tradition that one is Muslim if one's father is Muslim (just as non-Jewish societies do not give much heed to the custom of matrilineal descent among Jews). Rhys-Davies fears cultural destruction and extinction. If the words of men like Rhys-Davis are only espoused by ethnic nationalists in the Western world-than I might as well pick up move to be with "my own kind," because the promise of a universal liberal order where equality before the law is a dead letter that no one will fight for it when they come for the apostates:


My question is about the death penalty for apostasy.

Isn't this punishment too barbaric?


Saying that a particular punishment is too barbaric or otherwise, is basically giving a value judgment about that punishment. If that punishment is fixed by Allah or any of His prophets, it is the belief of all Muslims that then that punishment, whether severe or soft, serves justice.

Now let us turn to the real point of your question. In a nutshell, I do not ascribe to the opinion that the punishment for apostasy is death. As I shall explain in the following paragraphs, in my opinion, the Shari`ah has not fixed any punishment for apostasy. I must also point out here that there is, more or less, a consensus among the scholars that an apostate should be killed....

Fuck your opinion, I know what the average "Joe Ali" thinks about apostasy, and what they would do if sensitive white liberals stood by and allowed cultural "traditions" to supersede equality before the law. Berlusconi was right damnit! And the Muslims know it, why else would they be killing themselves to cross into Europe!

Look at this picture of Rhys-Davies, an archetypical dark Welshman, I imagine a little Photoshop with his clothes could turn him into an "Arab." If he converted to the Muslim faith would he then be a racial minority???

Posted by razib at 06:36 PM