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February 16, 2004

The unbearable awkwardness of alienation

I was invited to my girlfriend's brother's Valentine's Day party this Saturday. Up I went to Imbler....

While at the party, a girl accosted me. Below is a short transcript of the conversation:

Girl: Hey, can I talk to you?
Me: Who, me?
Girl: Yeah, I'm really interested in diversity and various cultures.
Me: Ok.
Girl: Are you from India?
Me: I was born in Bangladesh.
Girl: I really admire your gods.
Me: Excuse me?
Girl: I really admire your gods, they are so spiritual.
Me: Uh, my family is Muslim.
Girl: [Embarrassed]
Me: Don't worry about it. Happens all the time.
Girl: I've never met a Muslim from India before.
Me: I was born in Bangladesh.
Girl: Well, I have a friend, [some name] Patel, he's a Hindu.
Me: Cool.
Girl: So I assumed you know, being from India, that you were Hindu.
Me: My family is from Bangladesh-
Girl: But you know, I like Islam, the idea of one God, I kind of believe something like that. Simple and pure.
Me: I'm an atheist.
Girl: Excuse me?
Me: I've never believed in God.
Girl: Oh, well, I think Islam is kind of severe.
Me: Uh, yeah, so I do I....
[cut to long diatribe about how she won't get rid of her tatoos even though she's converting to Reform Judaism]

Posted by razib at 03:47 PM