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February 28, 2004

Homo-gays & evolution

I stumbled upon this article on WorldNetDaily titled Homosexuality: Evolution of the human race?. I'm going to avoid commenting on the whole gay marriage thing, let's just say I'm a federalist (*wink*), but the article itself was kind of weird. It struck me almost as something out of Star Trek where they try to explain how the "trilithium crystals" generate "star drive," in other words, instead of taking the jargonistic scientific babble that you find in a typical abstract and transforming it into something that is close to readable prose, the author seems to be trying to impress the audience with her credentials manifesting themselves in her mastery of the terminology (can you say magic words of power!).

I googled her and the first link is from a group called Answers in Genesis. The top of the page reads UPHOLDING THE AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE FROM THE VERY FIRST VERSE. So I suppose Dr. Hollowell does believe that the post-menopausal Sarah did conceive Isaac through a miracle of the Lord God? Ergo, I find the tutorial about the "birds & the bees" coming from this individual a bit tiresome. Dr. Hollowell also founded Science Ministries, a site that has a link to an article that she wrote explaining how physics can be reconciled with Young Earth Creationism! (if you've read any YEC apologetics it will be familiar) So the woman lecturing us on the finer points of evolution isn't a believer herself...add a politicized topic, and color me even more skeptical!

I'm not going to nit-pick her article attacking any biological basis in homosexuality because it is obviously preaching to the choir-her scientific background is nothing more than impressive adornment for her ideological crusades, for her the question is never the answer. She is pretty cute though, the WorldNetDaily pic doesn't do her justice.

These disputes that swing between is and ought get tiresome. Supporters of gay rights want to "prove" that homosexuality is genetic, and those who wish to maintain the social stigma on homosexuality want to confirm the converse, but the reality is many of us out there don't care either way. Homosexuality isn't like cystic fibrosis, an autosomal recessive disease that is easy to explain in genetic terms, people should stop trying to argue politics from science that is barely off the ground.

P.S. I suspect that there are individuals who have a combination of genes that indicate a high probability that they might be amenable to psychopathic behavior in the "proper" environmental context. Doesn't mean that that's OK....

Posted by razib at 02:22 PM