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February 29, 2004

Admin notice (bandwidth, etc.)

Please read if you have an posting privs on GNXP....

Update: I have added a small snip of code that so that now you should see only entries made since you last visited under "Recently Commented Entries." Of course, you need to allow cookies-and if you don't like this feature, I suggest you just block cookies from this site....

OK, got an email from my webhost.

mt.cgi is hogging CPU resources again. I've talked to you about this before. The problem is that we have so many entries, and any "rebuild" is a big chore. I changed some configuration settings so that the process would bleed out longer, but, I have also removed "category" and "monthly" archives. I figured that google & the local search function would suffice to reference or own entries. The old archives still exist, they just won't be rebuilt often. I might rebuild them every month or so myself for our own reference.

If this doesn't work well enough, I will look into doing some hacks myself. I could find a host that is more amenable, but I'd rather not waste another day moving the site again. The worst case realistic scenario is that we have to move the site to PHP-NUKE or something (PHP has a smaller footprint that CGI). This would make searching the archives harder for search engines though....

Anyway, I'll keep in touch about this issue.

Posted by razib at 06:01 PM