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March 24, 2004

Breaking Taboos

Over at Global Guerrillas, John Robb notes: "Many people assume, wrongly, that [Islamicist] terrorists are poor and uneducated." After a brief discussion, he then concludes by agreeing with another blogger, "that the driving force in recruitment is religious intensity."

Which caused me to make the following proposal:

"If religious intensity is the driving factor, maybe that's where we should concentrate our attack. For the fact is, Mohammadism is extremely vulnerable to frontal critical assault. The guy modeled himself on Moses the warlord -- and then went on to ok lying and deception, make looting a way of life, and condone the murder of those who dared to make fun of him. Plus he bent the rules whenever it suited his convenience (as when he allowed himself to marry a nine year old girl). Islam has never brooked open criticism -- the very thing that the West, using the IT revolution, is able to deliver in spades. So let's put away all our scruples about "criticizing another man's religion," and give em hell Harry Truman style.

In open and unfettered debate, let's see who can win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world. For our text, choose any standard biography of the prophet. Fire up the loudspeakers!

Naturally, this post elicited the expected response from a reader:

"It is hard for me to believe that anything you or I say criticizing the prophet would be taken seriously by committed Muslims. It would just be more evidence of how profound our sinful disbelief is."

To which I replied:

"Hard to say until you try it. They've never heard criticism of the prophet. More to the point, they've never disassociated the idea of God (which obviously is dear to millions of believers) and the name of Mohammad. Maybe the new slogan should be: there is no God but God, and Mohammad WAS his messenger -- until he left Mecca and went to Medina. There he became a violent and intolerant human being. Contrast his career with Abraham's, the guy who really invented (or if you prefer, discovered) God. If you have a heart, you gotta prefer the latter."

To which I appended a final note:

"Before he left Mecca, Mohammad proclaimed two important principles (later abrogated): first, there can be no compulsion in matters of religion; and second, there is no error where all are agreed. Since Abraham is the only prophet about whom Jews, Christians, and Muslims are in agreement, his story is a possible basis for mutual understanding. But for that to occur, it will be necessary to abrogate the abrogaters."

Now I gotta say I surprised even myself when these aggressive words came pouring out of my mouth (or off of my keyboard). Maybe I've been jousting with Abiola too much? Anyway, what do GNXPers think about my outrageous suggestion? Can we possibly make the Moslem world any madder at us than it already is? If there's no downside left, why shouldn't we risk the upside?

Posted by lukelea at 07:10 AM