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May 08, 2004

A Question on Migration and Assimilation

Hi! I'm Randy McDonald, a long-time GNXP reader whose writings have occasionally been linked to from GNXP. I'd like to thank Razib for giving me this guest account.

I'm interested in the dynamics of migration and assimilation, in a variety of settings, historical and contemporary, Western and non-Western, on their own terms and. GNXP readers are a well-read and well-educated lot, and it's always interesting to get feedback and comments from them, as I did here.

I'd like to ask GNXP readers a question in two parts.

1. How do they think current immigration waves in North America and Europe differ from previous waves (gastarbeiter in Europe, the turn-of-the-century wave in North America)?

2. What do they think are the particular dangers or problems of the current waves?

Posted by randy at 10:21 AM