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June 01, 2004

Asian Height Gaps

Recently the New Yorker had an article about how American whites are the runts of the Euro-Caucasian world (the article's claims resulted in much skepticism from Abiola, Burbridge, Sailer [ctrl+F - 'height'], among others). NPR reports that Vietnam is in a similar situation for its 'world region'. The average male 18 year old is 5'-3" and the average female is 4'-10" (The Japanese numbers given for comparison are 5'-6" and 5'-1"). The country is apparently very self-conscious about this disparity, more than anywhere else in its Western business relations, and the government is initiating a $40 million program to increase height. Meanwhile North Koreans are stunted to the point of deformity.

Posted by Jason Malloy at 11:37 PM