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June 05, 2004

Where is Spencer Wells?

OK, probably my single post from Bangladesh. I'll be real happy to get back to the US. Sorry to the few people I said I'd contact in Dhaka, family obligations are taking center stage. Props to everyone for keeping up the posts while I'm away. In any case, I got this email:

Dear Razib,

I am with the University of Victoria biochem department and am looking to get in touch with Spencer Wells. I sent an email to his [email protected] address, but it bounced back. Any idea what he is using currently?

Best regards,

Matt Pope

Does anyone know what Spencer Wells' email address might be? I tried emailing him as well, and got the same bounce back. If you know the answer, please submit it in the comments box in addition to emailing Matt.

P.S. I changed the front page to display the past 7 days of posts again.

Posted by razib at 10:01 PM