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June 17, 2004

Interracial relations increasing in Canada?

Statscan has a press release out that documents the rise in interracial relationships in Canada over the past 10 years. Seeing as how the "visible minority" segment of the Canadian population is small (13%), this shouldn't be that surprising, but, considering that it is concentrated in the major urban areas where segregation has been an issue, it is a good sign of integration. Some highlights:

Of these couples, 53% consisted of a woman who was a visible minority and a man who was not, and 47% the reverse.

Japanese were the most likely visible minority group to marry or live common-law with a non-Japanese person. The second and third most common groups were Latin Americans and Blacks.

Among the least likely to form a partnership outside their group were South Asians and Chinese.
People in mixed unions tend to be younger and foreign-born, live in large urban areas and have a higher education.

Via the Mixed Blog.

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