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June 17, 2004

More shallow Media reporting

Koin 6 News up here in Portland, OR just reported on a story of adult strangers targeting teens for sex. While this is nothing new in our country, the news people decided to make an unusual turn that if they had taken to completion would have been interesting and controversial.

Towards the end of the story they interviewed a teen, who grew up overseas and is just now in America, about how she feels. She stated to the reporter that "in Israel I don't feel threatened by strangers"

Now, anyone who reads this blog would have spoken up immediately and said; well the stronger cultural ties inside Israel would dissuade the individual from those deviant acts or the fact that the Israeli population comes predominately from a high IQ group (Jews) would indicate that individuals would be able to understand the consequences of their actions. But no, we get a story scaring the public of how more "dangerous" America is.

No wonder they are setting this movie in Portland.

Posted by scottm at 11:30 PM