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July 30, 2004

Harold and Kumar go to Krispy Kreme?

That could have been the title to the new film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle unfortunately the donut company turned down the free hour and a half plus advertisement. I bring this up for two reasons: first it is a brilliant new way to introduce advertisements, and second I find it very ironic that White Castle would allow their name to be used in this film. Let me explain;

Back in the 20's when White Castle(WC) started, hamburger meat was considered disgusting, something that only the very poor would consume. This was because of the ease of bacterial infection and the prevalence of other animals worked into the food. Cheap food stands like WC were also suspect because of the sanitary practices of the staff. So WC had to build an image. To do so they took two words; White (implying clean and wholesome) and Castle (implying strong and safe), and the stands took off. They also took great strides to build/maintain this image, making their staff and stands appear impeccably clean and cooking the food where the customers could see.

Now, in 2004, WC has associated itself with a movie that includes such "unwholesome" activities as; pot smoking, sex, and sexual perversion (just watch the trailer to see what I mean)

P.S. Please do not read anything racial in my qualifying things in the movie as "unwholesome".

My favorite critic loved "Harold and Kumar" and, tying into Razib's post from before, hated "The Village"

Oh and in the extended entry is the secret of the village CAUTION: do not look if you do not want spoilers

Ivy's grandfather was a billionare who bought a wildlife preserve that Hurt's character moved the children into when they were newborns to save them from the violent outside world. The creatures are just the elders in costumes. The grandfather also paid to have all airflights re-routed around the preserve.

disappointing, but it does tie into this and this post.

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