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August 02, 2004

Support a Worthy Cause

Voting is a sop to the mob and everybody with a basic head for numbers knows it. People who are truly interested in making a difference don't vote, they contribute gobs of cash to their favorite political campaigns.

So in order to stop your natural civic goodwill from making you do something stupid like giving your money to Bush or Kerry this year an act that will only result in your feeling responsible for the inevitable national disappointment of the next several years here is what you can do to use up that extra cash in your bank account. Go to iSteve.com, click on the donation link, and do your part to keep Steve Sailer away from gainful work. Not only will this use up your superfluous cash before you waste it on one of our nation's two great losers, but it will also raise the national unemployment numbers, making whoever will be the next President look that much worse.

I may as well mention (before someone who is actually financially responsible for GNXP.com does for me) that you can also click on the donation links on the side column over here.

Posted by Thrasymachus at 08:11 PM