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August 11, 2004

HBD does Sweden

In an interesting turn of events, HBD hit the Swedish media last week, with the publication of an Op-Ed column by Maria Abrahamsson in Sweden’s largest right-wing* daily. The column consists of an interview with neurologist Annica Dahlström. Here are a few excerpts in translation:

“Abrahamsson (MA): Is it true that the brains of men and women are built differently?

Dahlström: Yes, the differences have been known to the research community since the 1980s. But this knowledge has been largely ignored, as it has been deemed politically incorrect.”

“Dahlström (AD): Many women, even very “feminine” women, have typically “male” intelligence and behavioral patterns (of which roughly 80 percent are genetically determined), for instance a disposition for abstract mathematics.”

(Read on in the extended entry)

“ AD: The elite feminists, are in my view, the small group of women who are on the very tail of the normal distribution, whose brains are very masculine. They are hungry for power (like men), loud (like men), and are determined to impose their vision on the whole of society. As they are also politically active and aggressive (like men), no one dares to speak up against them.”**

“MA: Finally, a perhaps somewhat odd question, but while studying in Lund, I noticed that the women studying mathematics as a rule had flatter chests compared to those who studied, say, modern languages. Coincidence?
AD: No, I don’t think so. Mathematical talent is associated with certain testosterone exposure during pregnancy. Another effect of this graded masculinization is decreased “fertility”.”

In short, this is pretty hardcore stuff. I wouldn’t have presented the issue of gender differences in this rather brash fashion, being a fan of the Pinkeresque soft-sell.

Still, the reaction to the column has been rather surprising. I’m not talking about the reaction of the feminists - that’s been entirely predictable. Linda Norman Skugge, for instance, in the tabloid “Expressen”, wrote a column mostly dedicated to Maria Abrahamsson’s breasts in response. Ironically, the column demonstrated a certain lack of knowledge regarding mathematics, statistics, correlation-causation, etc.

No, rather it’s the middle-of-the road response that fascinates me. In Sweden’s largest broadsheet, “Dagens Nyheter”***, Jenny Jewert tries to plot a path in-between the “extremes”. This is her worldview on the issue of HBD:

”JJ: There are biological differences between the sexes, and more will be found. In the same fashion, certain small biological differences between different races have been discovered.”

She then goes on to make the case for biology-blind individualistic policy making, goes over the “large variance” boilerplate, etc. Still, I find it absolutely amazing how well triangulation worked in this case. All of a sudden, it is considered “safe” to mention biological racial differences on what is probably the most mainstream and politically correct Op-Ed page in Sweden.

Now, if only Sam Francis could get a regular Op-Ed column in the Wall Street Journal, we’ll have Steve Sailer in the New York Times the week after, plotting a course in between the “Extremes”…

Finally, I want to give out a big Thank You to Godless, Razib and the gang for giving me the opportunity to join the GNXP crew. Ever since I discovered Godless’ original blog through an Instapundit link, I have been stopping by on a regular basis, and it feels great to be able to join what I consider to be the premier ‘Biologistic’ blog on the net. (Ok, it’s not a very competitive field, but it still sounds good, no?)

As I am stationed in Sweden, I will focus on providing a European and Scandinavian angle on current events, HBD and social policy.


* The Op-Ed page is right-wing. The rest of the paper is not. Editorial and journalistic independence is generally strong in Swedish newspapers. Read: The journalists are leftists even in the “right-wing” rags.

** If you ever thought US feminism was bad, it was but a breeze compared to Swedish feminism. Remember: We never had a Clinton affair.

*** Largest morning paper in Sweden, slightly right-leaning, but politically correct.

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