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September 12, 2004

Steve Sailer's presentation to Margaret Thatcher

Over at the website for Steve Sailer's Human Biodiversity Institute is a briefing, called The Genetic Revolution, that he presented to Margaret Thatcher back in 1999 during a Hudson Institute conference titled “Will the 21st Century Be the American Century?” I highly recommend this presentation to anyone who doesn't understand how big of an impact research into biotechnology will have on the future of the world.

I know many of you may already have seen this presentation, however, no mention of it exists, from what I can tell, in the archives of GNXP. Check it out!

I also suggest that everyone check out the Spring 2000 issue of American Outlook, the magazine published by the Hudson Institute. It has the transcripts of the speeches from the above conference, all of which are fascinating.

Posted by Arcane at 02:50 PM