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September 13, 2004

On Hurricanes and Politics

This is a politcal post so out of consideration of our readers I am putting the text in the extended entry- scottm

I have a prediction to make, that over the next month a leading Democrat politician (most likely Al Gore) will try to pin the recent series of Hurricanes on Bush's environmental policies.

I believe this for many reasons;

1) The Democrat Party, and especially Al Gore, view the Kyoto Treaty and Climate Change as damaging to the Bush team.
2) Florida is a swing state which has been hit the hardest by these storms.
3) The Flak over Bush's TANG records has backfired on the Dems, so they need a new issue
4) Bush is actually rising in both national and state polls
5) A movie "The Day After Tomorrow" has already been made containing the allegation already
And finally;
6) The Dems are practicing the most invective-filled, anger-based, gutter politics that I have ever seen in my more than 20 years of following politics (10 years I was too young). Al Gore has accused Bush of being a traitor, and his followers of being "digital brownshirts". Theresa Heinz-Kerry has accused those who disagree with John of being "unamerican" and "unpatriotic", has verbally assaulted a conservative reporter, and has called critics of her husband's health care plan "idiotic". John Edwards accused Cheney of "unamericanism" for implying (which Cheney did not) of saying a Kerry administration would result in a terrorist attack. And, ironically, many leading Democrat candidates stated that voting for Bush would make the U.S. more unsafe to terrorism.

I've come to expect anything from the Dems now that they have been taken over by their lunatic fringe, so mark my prediction, it will happen.

Posted by scottm at 10:01 PM