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September 16, 2004

Migration to the UK from East Europe

I think it has been mentioned somewhere on GNXP (either in a post or in comments) that migration to the United Kingdom from the new entrants to the European Union (Poland etc.) has been less than expected. This was based on figures for people entering the UK from these countries to work, which were only 8,000 in the first month after accession, if I recall correctly.

Simply for information I note the following recent Press Notice from the Migrationwatch website:

Data released by the Office for National Statistics today show that the number of visits from the eight Eastern Europe countries who acceded to the EU this year jumped from 76,000 in June to 191,000 in July. This is over three times the number (61,000) who visited in July, 2003.

In total 366,000 people from these countries visited the UK in the 3 months since May and 11%, about 40,000 people, were expecting to stay for more than 3 months.

Commenting Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said, "The numbers don't show the net number of migrants to the UK as there is no data on those returning to Eastern Europe, but they do point to the probability of a substantial rise in net migration from those countries".

This is a remarkable increase. It is possible that many of these 'visitors' will take the opportunity to assess the options for settling and working in the UK.

I stress that I have no objection to migrants from Eastern Europe, beyond the obvious point that Britain is already one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Posted by David B at 02:06 PM