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September 20, 2004

Cholesterol and Schizophrenia

Total Serum Cholesterol levels positively corelated to incidence of Schizophrenia one study finds, this provides evidence for the dopamine theory of Schizophrenia.

I guess I should have been clearer, but this is what happens when you are used to talking about these subject with trained biologists. Here is what I meant;
The dopamine hypothesis of Schizophrenia holds that increased levels of dopamine can cause symptoms of schizophrenia. It was first proposed back in the 1980's after doctors observed cocaine and meth induced psychotic states. High serum cholesterol levels are corelated to high cellular cholesterol levels. One of the important cellular roles for cholesterol is in the formation of lipid rafts, which are required for exocytosis of dopamine from PC12 cells (which manufacture and store dopamine). So high cholesterol would probably lead to higher levels of dopamine and a greater chance of schizophrenic symptoms. Though it is not an absolute one-to-one causation, there are other factors at work.

Posted by scottm at 09:27 PM