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September 21, 2004

It's Tehran vs. Taiwan in Imbler's First Congressional District

Two immigrants are running for the seat of the 1st Congressional District in Imbler, incumbent Democrat David Wu and Republican challenger Goli Ameri.

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Both of these candidates appear qualified and intelligent, both attended Stanford, both have advanced degrees, and both are very active in their community. But the similarities don't end there, both are moderates in their parties (Wu favors prayer in schools and free trade while Goli is pro-abortion), both tout the same issues (education, high-tech, and terrorism). On a personal note both married white American citizens and both had exactly two children.

So it seems they followed the same plan; come to America, get educated, get rich, marry an American, and fit into the great bicoastal 'middle'. While David made a slight left turn in his politics (DLC Democrat), Goli made a slight right turn.

So looking at this you may say, "blah there's nothing to distinguish one over the other" but I disagree.

One thing that Imbler desperately needs (or at least the Portland Metro Area) is an increase in high/bio-tech startups and corporations. The metro area's population is well-educated, the climate is temperate, crime is low, there's a large arts community, everything you would need to attract those companies. So why aren't they flooding in? Because, the state Democrats, while constantly pounding the podium about "the need to bring in tech companies" actually do things that chase them away. With a combination of high business taxes, regulations, and expensive government boondoggles you begin to understand businesses hesitance in setting up shop here.

Imbler is an Democrat leaning state and the metro are is overwhelimingly so, but when a party fails its constituency this poorly for so long, it's time for a change.

P.S. One that does differentiate the two is a source of irony for me. Goli, the Republican, seems to be very proud of her Persian heritage; she has made extensive mention of it early on in commericials, she notes on her site that she is fluent in Persian, and her oldest son is named Darius. David, on the other hand, has not made an issue of his immigration in this election, does not mention his language skills, and his children have the biblical names of 'Mathew' and 'Sarah'. However, he does make issue of his Presbyterianism.

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