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September 26, 2004

Jewish union promotes genetic screening

In an interesting article from Vanderbilt Hustler, a speaker from Genzyme Corporation urges students, especially ethnically Jewish students, to have themselves genetically screened for hereditary diseases.

"For people in general to get screened for genetic problems in advance before having children is important," Baer said. He urged Jewish students to get tested since they are susceptible to several diseases, including Tay-Sachs and Gaucher.

"There are certain genetic diseases that Jews from particular regions are more susceptible to. Non- Jews can suffer, but there's a greater chance for Jews to get these. A rabbi would probably expect a Jewish couple to have been tested before getting married so they know they're not carriers," Baer said.

The idea that a group of speakers, especially Jewish speakers (being that Jews are generally left-leaning in their political worldviews, although that is slowly changing), are admitting to the fact that certain ethnic groups and races are more likely to inherit certain genetic problems and are more susceptible to certain diseases is fantastic!

This is progress!

Posted by Arcane at 12:12 AM