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October 10, 2004

Data and Khaaaaan!

For those readers interested in Star Trek, Brent Spiner, Data of the Next Generation, will be starring in a multiple-episode story arc in this season's Enterprise. He will be playing an ancestor of Noonien Soong (the scientist who created Data and Lore). But the fun doesn't stop there, it seems this family line is not only involved in robotics but also genetics, as Spiner's character steals genetically enhanced embryos in an attempt to better humanity. Quote from Manny Coto, executive producer of Enterprise;

"We made him into a scientist who believed in genetic engineering, and he believed that this was the great future of mankind. He conceived this plan to steal the embryos and raise them to adulthood. But what happens is they get away from him. They go on basically a rampage, and they're like mini Khan Noonien Singhs. They're wreaking havoc in this place called the Borderland, which is near the Klingon Empire, and he's threatening to start a war with the Empire."

they're like mini Khan Noonien Singhs

hmm... why do I get an image of mini-me?

Update I guess I posted this since, even though I like Trek, I am endlessly exasperated by it. For all other sciences, they make them seem glamorous and unquestionably a benefit for man, but not genetics. In DS9 and TNG episodes they make it clear that they believe that genetic manipulation of humans is 'evil'. Go figure.

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