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October 16, 2004

Go for the Jugular (Imbler's 1st congressional debate)

Just a quick impression of the 15 minutes of the debate between Republican Goli Ameri and Democrat David Wu I heard.

Opening Comments;

Wu: I'm an immigrant. I've brought research money to oregon (but every research institution he mentions is outside the first congressional district???) . blah, blah, blah.

Ameri: I'm an immigrant too, but he is a rapist (summation she did not actually say that line).


Wu: What is needed to create jobs is more K-12 federal funding, socialized medicine, blah, blah, beltway blah.

Ameri: 80% of all new jobs are created by private businesses. More jobs need more tax cuts.

Ameri: There is a disconnect between the 41% in funding of Ed through "No Child left behind", and the money schools receive (a Republican attacking Bush?)

Wu: Bush bad on ed, more money, more money, more money, more money, more money.

All in all a good debate between a indoctrinated beltway democrat statist and a moderat republican street-fighter. Guess who I'm voting for?

Also this debate was strange on a one point. Goli answered a question about character by saying "If my husband were here he would say that after all these years of marriage I am still too independent-minded"

Posted by scottm at 08:27 PM