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October 20, 2004

Political Disclosure

If you are a GNXP contributor, and want to divulge who you are voting for and why, go ahead in the extended entry. If you don't have full privs to do that, email me. Limit explanations to 10 words or less! A link to your own site with more explanation is OK. I put mine below (if you are not American, you can say who you are hoping wins).

Razib: Kerry. Vote trading with Aziz + Game Theory -> Gridlock (visions of '94!).

TangoMan: Kerry. Competence trumps delusion. Rationality trumps faith.

Arcane: Bush. He's not Kerry + war must continue + he's stronger on defense.

Thrasymachus: Possibly Bush. He's already made his mess, unlike Kerry.

Jinnderella: Bush. Kerry is outside my kin selection norms, physically + intellectually.

scottm Bush. Kerry scares me. Plus Bush might cause us to consider the fact that the Presidency has too much power, Kerry would just expand the abuse of that power.

Alex: Bush. 1) (hopefully) tax reform 2) UN

jeet: Kerry. Bush's state-centric approach ignores the transnationalist nature of the terrorist threat we face.

Jason M.: Kerry. Bush's attitude towards science and the environment is appalling. The administration is confused, volatile and unethical.

Posted by razib at 02:01 PM