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October 26, 2004

Could this be a mistake?

WaPo reports the end of the dominance of the Democratic Party over the Jewish vote, with Orthodox Jews now turning to the GOP.

Jews, however, were different. As late as 2000, Al Gore and his Orthodox running mate, Joe Lieberman, didn't just win most of the Jewish vote, they won a large majority among Orthodox Jews -- the "traditionalists" whom sociologists might have expected to join their Christian counterparts. But it now appears that, like Jimmy Carter, who won the votes of his fellow evangelicals in 1976, Lieberman simply delayed his community's migration into the Republican Party. This year, for probably the first time, Orthodox Jews will vote like "traditionalist" Christians. Conservative, Reform and non-affiliated Jews, on the other hand, will vote like secular, or "modernist," Christians. And the Jewish vote, in a meaningful sense, will cease to exist.

But I wonder if this is smart on the part of the Orthodox community. With the vile, paranoid, pathological, bigoted hatred usually directed at traditional GOP groups (Evangelicals, Cubans, etc) by the neo-fascist left, I wonder if a community that has found only a handful of countries throughout history that would accept them can afford to outrage the nuts in our society.

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