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November 23, 2004

Bacon Number

Here's a post for the gnxp humor archive (hey Razib, how come there no "waste of time" category?) I came across the Oracle of Bacon and thought others might want to play around with it. Did you know that Kevin Bacon wasn't really the best choice to be at the center of this game. In fact, in the IMDB dataset of 800,000 actors, he's the 1,049th best candidate. Who's the best? Why none other than Rod Steiger followed closely by ole Saruman/Count Dooku/Scaramanga himself. Even Starksy & Hutch's Huggie Bear (Antonio Fargas) and Bond Girl Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) have a higher degree of centeredness.

I wanted to test out how well the Oracle worked, so I chose the cast of Hogan's Heroes as my guinea pigs.

Bob Crane, John Banner, Werner Klemperer, Richard Dawson, Larry Hovis, Ivan Dixon, and Robert Clary. I was mighty impressed by the fact that each of them only needed 2 links to Bacon, until I realized that over 145,000 actors had a score of 2. hmm. At least they all beat out National Review's John Derbyshire, who having starred in a movie with Bruce Lee, scores at 3.

So, if you're looking to waste some time and want to revisit the year 1996, when the Oracle of Bacon made its debut, why not see if you can find a more show that can score lower than the 2.000 for Hogan's Heroes.

Posted by TangoMan at 08:42 PM