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November 24, 2004


Just got back from seeing the Oliver Stone insult to the hellenes "Alexander" and I thought I would offer a few thoughts.

First, if you are considering seeing this movie because you like war flicks, don't. The battle scenes are so confused and a little bizarre (at one point the entire screen becomes tinged with a pink hue, for what reason, I don't know) that they make one ill watching them (and not because of gore). So on the military movie note, it fails miserably

Second, if you are considering it because you are a history buff, don't. They really don't explore the historical Alexander, characters show up when the historical figure should be dead, etc. On the historical note it just passes muster.

Finally, if you are considering seeing the movie because of artistic reason, don't. While Colin Farell, Jolie, and Kilmer do competent acting jobs, the rest of the cast (Plummer, Hopkins) deliver mangled and painfully awful performances. And Stone delivers some of the most drug-induced celluloid ever.

All in all, I'd give it one star, or a D if you're looking for a letter grade.

But there was one thing worth seeing in the film, listed below (not work safe)


My Iroquois Princess. :)

Posted by scottm at 09:38 PM