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November 29, 2004

Support the blog, blah, blah....

Extrapolating current bandwidth needs, I'll probably have to move the blog to another host around the new year. This means more costs and more hours of my short life devoted to the ignoble task of weblog administration. Please consider following one of the Amazon links on the sidebar if you are buying books as presents during the holidays-doesn't cost you anything extra.

By the way, multiple copies of Robert Trivers' Natural Selection and Social Theory are available for $10, though the list price is $50! There is a telling anecdote about Richard Lewontin in the introduction to his reciprocal altruism paper....

Update: In response to David Boxenhorn's suggestion I hacked up a trivial script which will take a conventional AMAZON url and spit back another one which is formatted so GNXP gets a kickback if you follow the link and purchase. All these books are saved so others can see what readers buy. Anyway, whether it works is up to you. The link will be under the heading Books for the holidays in the sidebar.

Update II: OK, made some changes to the code. Here is the file with the HTML stuff, and the class code. It's all pretty self-evident.

Posted by razib at 10:03 PM