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November 30, 2004

The new buzz-word: Telomere

I seem to be hearing a lot about this little bit of genetic material in popular culture these days;

The New York Times goes into a pretty indepth article for a media that is scientifically illiterate.

In a report on CNN about Yushchenko's appearance there was an explanation by a doctor that extreme stress could have induced it, which included a lesson on telomeres.

On the Science Fiction show Enterprise they even used telomeres to determine that an embassy bomber was not T'Pol's mom T'Pau by the fact that the telomeres on the genetic material found on the bomb had not undergone 'ageing'.

I expect to hear more and more of this once obscure biology term used in daily life.

I also expect to see in the next few years internet ads and infomercials promising a youthful appearance by using a telomerase based product (with extremely questionable effectiveness)

Update I've been informed that T'Pau was not T'Pol's mother, T'Les is. T'Pau is some sort of legendary Vulcan leader who was in the original series, guess I lose my Trekkie membership card, oh well.

Posted by scottm at 01:03 AM