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December 02, 2004

One important thing

I know many GNXP1 readers have technical backgrounds and also have an interest in public policy & politics. Well, if you are going to read one book about American history over the holidays, please read Albion's Seed. Though it was written in 1989, the author is positively prescient on many points of contention and conceptual frameworks used for analysis in our present time, and I know GNXP readers are impressed by models that have some predictive power. At about ~900 pages of text it is data rich, and the footnotes are copious enough to convince anyone that the author's assertion are backed up by research rather than personal prejudice. I will post on the book in more detail later...right now I am still in the process of digestion...but this the sort of work that I mean when I say we need to maintain fidelity to The Way of Truth. More later....

Addendum: The one contention that I found tenditious in AS was that only 1/5 of Americans had British ancestors. Well, you can check the reported ancestry over at the Census. Here are the "British" stats:

Irish 10.8%
English 8.7%
Scottish 1.7%
Scotch-Irish 1.5%

This makes no sense, and quite obviously many people of British origin probably did not respond, or responded as "American." A quick perusal of sites related to ancestry states that "70% of Americans have some roots in the British Isles." This might sound like a high-ball estimate, but, it seems plausible that most mixed-race Native Amerians and black Americans probably have roots in the British Isles, and many "ethnic" white groups like Italian Americans have extremely high intermarriage rates, but anecdotally, today many of the offspring identify with their more "exotic" forebears than their Anglo-Celtic ones.

Update: GC's old post has good links. The county level ethnic concentration maps are really cool, so make sure to select that option!

1 - I guess the blog is now "GNXP" rather than "Gene Expression."

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