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December 03, 2004

Spoof Website Markets GM Virus Nanotech

Crossposted from GeneticFuture.org

My friend Steve Miller, prolific creator of venerable innervision-arts site mkzdk.org
and current events watchdog site dvmx.com pointed me to this page:


If you've ever read Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age then this post-apocalyptic corporate sales pitch should be familiar.

Take a moment to meditate on the future of you and your beloved manufacturers. Knowing that commerce without attrition can lead to the eventual extinction of your product line, isn't it time you considered the fool-proof option of a fully controlled viral epidemic? Think of the instantaneous market share boost you would receive after your competitor's labor population was attrited with a virus made just for them.


In other news, a book on genetics has won the 10,000 Guardian award -- the first time a non-fiction book has ever won this prize.

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