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December 12, 2004

The NY Times disappoints us... again.

When I logged onto the NY Times Magazine website tonight and started browsing through their annual "Year in Ideas" issue, I saw one of the ideas being mentioned was "Fertile Red States." Thinking immediately that Steve Sailer's latest research into this would be mentioned in it, I clicked on it and was disappointed that, as usual, the NY Times just couldn't get over their bias against Sailer and dredged up an article from back in last summer, without mentioning Sailer's research once. Of course, the research that they cited was done by a liberal, Phillip Longman who is afraid that high birth rates among conservatives in will turn the U.S. into a Christian version of the Taliban...

The implications of this trend appall Longman, who warns, "Such a trend, if sustained, would drive human culture off its current market-driven, individualistic, modernist course, and gradually create an anti-market culture dominated by fundamentalist values."

Riiiiiight... gotta watch out for all those free-market conservatives, they might just tear down what remains of the socialist regulations we put in place! And even worse, the article that the NY Times cited was published on the editorial page of their competitor, the Washington Post. The lengths the NY Times will go to ignore research from individuals that they disagree with is disappointing, as usual.

On another note, they have silly ideas such as:
"Hawkishness as Evolutionary Holdover" (would be more appropriately titled, "Overconfidence as a Psychological Development," but that wouldn't make it a new idea, would it?)

"The 'Acting White' Myth" (more appropriately titled, "Why We Think Bill Cosby is an Idiot")

"Psychopathic C.E.O.'s" (or "Why We Despise Successful Capitalists")

"Neo-Secessionism" (this one is actually sort of good and Michael Hill's comments are pretty cool. However, I have to say that Paul Lewis should get over the fact that this isn't Soviet Canuckistan and he might want to consider moving, especially since he's been promoting his idea of having parts of the U.S. merge with Canada since the 2000 election)

"Land-Mine Detecting Plants" (Uh ok...)

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